J A R E D   T H I N G E R

Born an artist in California,

I started tattooing in 2010.

Tattooing and art is a lifestyle for me. Early in my career I worked heavily in other styles, however these days I’m focused on incorporating my own style into my work. When given artistic freedom for your idea, the tattoo will result in a very unique signature piece. I like working primarily with large custom black and grey realistic tattoos, preferably on the darker side of imagery with a bio-organic influence. I also really enjoy classy style work.

Inspiration for my art comes through like a revolving door - it’s always changing. From painting, to traveling and working at major tattoo conventions, or building with other artist in the industry, I’m always increasing my creativity and working towards shaping my original art on a daily basis. I often visit Josh Duffy’s shop “Black Castle Art Co.” in Peoria, Arizona, so contact me to check availability for an appointment.

I’m currently based out of the Central Coast of California at my shop Royal Sword Tattoo & Art Gallery in Grover Beach. I’m very grateful for all of my great clients who make it possible to get tattooed by me and have continued to support me throughout the years!

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S O L   S M A L L S


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